Are you searching for top courses after 12th Arts stream? We have compiled an ultimate list for you. Choose the best option from the list.

After completing your 12th in Arts stream, your life changing decision is to choose the best suitable undergrad course.

We understand your dilemma.

You have so many options to choose from.

Also, you may be wondering which option will get you the right job and career. That may eventually get you the desired lifestyle, reputation, and opportunities.

Don’t worry, we have sorted it for you in this article.

But, before we start with the list. I want to put a food for thought here for you.

Many times, I personally come across lot of arts students, who feel left out. As they perceive commerce and science students get more opportunities then arts.

But, I would love to break this myth. It is not so!

Instead, arts’ students have much wider career options and equal opportunities if not more.

Now, the only obstacle is: to take life altering decision of choosing the undergraduate course after 12th. Therefore, choose wisely.

Don’t just emphasize on the high paying jobs you will get after completing course. Instead focus on what your interest and lifestyle you desire. That a particular undergraduate course will get you.

So, here’s the ultimate top Undergraduate courses after 12th that Arts stream students can pursue.

1. Bachelor of Arts Programme

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: English Linguistics, English Literature, Hindi and Hindi Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Political Science, Education etc.

Getting an admission to BA programme at any university in India is not much difficult. Also, the major subjects that you learn are not much exciting.

There hasn’t been much effort to make BA programme skill oriented. However, often lecturers and professors can be seen recommending students to take up skill development courses simultaneously.

We also agree with it.

BA programme is pretty much open ended. That do not get you any specialized skills and knowledge. Also, it is not job oriented.

Nevertheless, with BA programme you get lot of time to pursue professional courses. Also to explore variety of career opportunities, and opt for one. However, you will always need to put greater efforts to compete with other students from Honors and Specialized courses.

2. Bachelor of Commerce

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Accountancy, Financial Management, Business Management, Business Laws, Economics, Computer etc.

B.Com programme is equally popular undergraduate course. But, it comes with added advantage of learning Accountancy, Business Management and Computers.

Moreover, it is somewhat job oriented course that can land you a job after completion. However, still you will need to put extra effort to compete effectively.

Many private universities offer multi-disciplinary B.Com course that are job ready. But, then fees are high for these courses.

You can always learn accountancy software with regular B.Com programme. As it will help you get higher pay package jobs after graduation.

But, getting an admission to B.Com course can be a challenge. As often merit list goes up to 90 percent in Delhi University. Nevertheless, with an average score of 65 to 75 percent you could get an admission to a decent college/university in India.

3. BA English Honours

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: History of English, Indian English Literature and Writings, Classical English Literature, Modern English Literature, Theatre, Shakespeare, English Novels, Poems, and Philosophy

Do English theater and literature entice and excite you?

Then BA English Honours after 12th could be your best option available. But, as it is a Honours course therefore, you will need to put extra effort to secure high marks in it.

Moreover, you could also get a job after course completion. As there’s a high demand for English experts in various industries in India and abroad.

However, it is recommended to pursue add on courses simultaneously or after the graduation. You could take up specialized courses in writing, blogging, social media etc.

Also, after the graduation in BA English Honours you could take further courses in Mass Media. Or look for a job in Mass Media industry.

4. BA Political Science Honours

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Public Administration, National and International Politics, History of Politics, Polity, Contemporary Politics, and Political Philosophy

The BA Political Science Honours is designed for students, who want to make career in public administration, politics, and/or international politics.

You will often find BA Political Science available on all top major universities. Also, it is popular among students. However, there are pretty limited options in career avenues in it.

Nevertheless, if you are a bright student equipped with right skills, then you will pretty sure land up a lucrative job offer. But again, the chances of getting such a job can be pretty slim.

If you have made up your mind to pursue this course. Then we recommend you to keep yourself updated with contemporary politics and deeper into all major trends. Moreover, you should research extensively. And keep learning about new policies trends at global stage.

Also, we recommend you to take up further course after BA Political Science Honours. You could take up Masters in Public Administration, Political Science, or International Politics. Or you could opt for LLB course.

5. BA Hons Journalism and Mass Communication (English, Hindi & Multimedia)

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Journalism, Digital Journalism, Mass Communication, Writing, Photography, Videography etc.

If you are in awe with media industry, and eager to join it, then BA Honours Journalism and Mass Communication could be your call.

The Digital technology have a huge impact on media industry. Therefore, it has crucial role to play in today’s media industry and journalism. Unfortunately, many universities and colleges offering Journalism and Mass Communication courses have failed to realize its importance.

That’s why Digital is just a phenomenon in books not a practical part of curriculum.

However, still after BA Honours Journalism and/or Mass Communication you could still land up an internship job in a big media house. Where you could get opportunity to learn digital.

Students who want to pursue or already are pursuing this course should also learn or take up a course in Digital Journalism.

Indian media industry is booming at regional to national levels. Therefore, right after course you won’t find it difficult to get a job. You could get high packages as well only if you learn new technologies and concepts used in media

6. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Tourism

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: History of Tourism, Tourism Marketing, Globalization, Laws, Culture and Traditions, Environment, Online Tourism Marketing

Do you know India’s tourism business has double digit growth rate? Also, do you know it is one of the biggest tourism industries in the world?

In India, tourism employs up to 2 crore people directly or indirectly. Also, it brings in billions of dollar forex to India. The best thing about this industry is that you could always start your business. Though abundant jobs are available.

This course is designed to provide vocational learning and training in tourism. Also, online marketing is an important component of it. But still online marketing is not covered effectively in this course’s curriculum.

Therefore, we recommend you to constantly research about new online emerging trends and technologies in tourism. Also, try to learn online marketing that may help them land a lucrative job in tourism right after graduation.

7. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Office Management and Secretarial Practice

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Office Management, Financial Accounting, Business Communications, Computing, Secretarial Practice, Banking, Corporate Management, Administration and Ecommerce

There’s always a need for a manager, secretary or office administrator to manage daily operations of an office, factory or organization. If you believe you belong to this vertical, then BA Vocational Studies in Office Management and Secretarial Practice should be on your list.

The course is designed to equip you with most sought after management skills. Moreover, this course empowers you to launch and run your own small business.

Interestingly, this course also has Ecommerce as its important curriculum component. That again is a great thing to learn in today’s digital market.

Placement is never an issue for students of this course. However, getting a high package could be a challenge. As often large part of job offerings are in the range of 10k to 30k only.

8. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Management and Marketing of Insurance

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Insurance Management, Insurance Marketing, Risk Management, Business Communications, Insurance Laws and Economics

The BA Vocational Studies in Management and Marketing of Insurance is highly specialized course. That only targets insurance industry in India.

As of now, College of Vocational Studies of Delhi University offer this special course.

If you have a flair for insurance, then you should be opting for this course. As this course delves deeper into insurance industry. And equips you with the highly relevant skills.

Also, searching for a job in insurance and banking industry after this course is not much difficult. All along, you will get decent salary package and job opportunities.

For further studies, you could always take up MBA or MCom in Banking. That will further boost your career prospects and get you high paying jobs.

It is recommended that you work on your soft skills and learn some financial software applications.

9. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Small and Medium Enterprises

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Business Management, Entrepreneurship, MSME, Computer and Software Apps, Financial Management, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Corporate Laws, and Ecommerce

Do you want to be an entrepreneur?

Yes. Then right after 12th this course you should be opting for.

The BA Vocational Studies in Small and Medium Enterprises helps you to plan, launch and run your small business. Also, manage its growth to become mid-sized enterprise.

This course is designed to help you acquire entrepreneurial and business skills. However, getting a job after the course could be difficult. As it is designed for risk takers, who are ready to take a plunge in entrepreneurship.

You get to learn all latest knowledge available in entrepreneurship. However, we recommend you to take up domain specific courses such as Digital Marketing, Manufacturing, Food Processing etc. simultaneously with this course. In this way, you will also acquire knowledge and skills in a specific industry.

10. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Materials Management

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Environment, Accounting, Economics, Purchase Management, Material Management, Software Packages, Inventory Control Management, Productivity Management, Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Packaging, and Quality Management

This is another unique professional course that’s allow you to become instantly employable after graduation. You get to learn and make career in logistics, inventory management, manufacturing and supply chain management.

Though this course is limited in its approach and practical part. Nevertheless, students planning to start career in above mentioned avenues should take up this course.

Also, you could plan MBA in Supply Chain Management that would again get you a high paying job. Moreover, you will be able to easily delve deeper in to the topic. Making you an expert in it.

As you expect, the salary packages could be higher than your colleagues from other common courses. However, we recommend you to take up specialized courses in inventory, supply chain and/or accounting software management.

11. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Human Resource Management

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Environment, Business Organization, Economics, Organizational Behavior, Computer and Software Apps, Labor and Labor Laws, Corporate Laws, Human Resource Management, and HR MIS

Do you love interacting people? Do you believe that you will be a great HR professional?

Then you could start your journey in HR through BA Vocational Studies in Human Resource Management course. The course can be labelled as mini MBA in HR management.

Yes, you get to learn and acquire relevant knowledge and skills in HR vertical. Moreover, you get trained specializing in HR management from graduation level. That means, you don’t have to wait till you earn MBA in HR to get a decent job in HR industry.

Right after the graduation you could be offered a high paying job in HR management. Moreover, job offers are flooding in market for HR.

Despite that, we recommend you to learn human resource management software apps, and improve your communication skills in English.

12. Bachelor of Vocational Studies in Marketing Management and Retail Business

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Marketing Management, Sales and Advertising, Retail Business Management, Financial Accounting, Ecommerce and Business Laws

Are you a person, who knows vast pool of retail brands? Also, who wants to start his/her career in retail?

If yes, so you should pursue the BA in Marketing Management and Retail Business. India’s retail industry employs crores of people, and almost US$ 600 billion (2015). Moreover, there’s already a boom in e-tailing and ecommerce online. That is expected to reach US$ 220 billion by 2025.

Therefore, this is the most ideal time to take a plunge in retail business or make a career in it. There are abundant jobs opportunities plus you get lot of business opportunities as well.

We recommend you to take up retail and inventory control software app training with this course. Because, we have seen many students land up high paying jobs if they have these software apps on your resume.

13. Bachelor of Business Administration

Duration: 3-4 years

Major Subjects: Financial Accounting, Commerce, Business Management and Administration, Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Economics, Management Information Systems, Strategic Management and Quantitative Analysis

The BBA is a combination of Commerce and Business Management. Also, it can be categorized as Mini MBA or an ideal choice before MBA.

This course is completely job oriented. However, there are institutes and colleges, who haven’t updated their curriculum with new technological advancement and new market reality. Therefore, BBA course curriculum at various institutes and colleges can be outdated.

Though, the general management principles and theory is important to learn. But learning new market trends, software, tools, and technologies are equally important to your future.

That’s why, we recommend to all students pursuing or planning to pursue BBA should also take up specialized courses such as Digital Marketing, Accounting Software, Software Packages, and English Communication development.

These courses will further boost your employability and allow you to get high paying job opportunities right after BBA.

14. Bachelor of Fine Arts

Duration: 3-4 years

Major Subjects: Painting, Drawing, Geometry, Modelling, History, Environment, Photography, Carving, Computer Graphics, Designing and Aesthetics

Are you an artist, who loves to draw and paint or may be music? So, you should be opting for BA in Fine Arts undoubtedly.

In recent years, have been boom in content consuming across all channels. That in turn increased the demand for creative content and arts. Moreover, opened multiple of avenues for artists to show their talent and art.

With this course you could learn the latest and in-demand art style that will easily allow you to launch your career in fine arts industry. In addition, there are variety of specializations in BA Fine Arts course such as Graphic Designing, Music, Cartooning, Photography, Sculpture, Architecture etc.

Any specialization will immediately get you a job after course completion. Technology has revolutionized art in a big way. Therefore, learning software packs such as Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and/or FL studio, will speed up your career progression.

15. Bachelor of Hotel Management

Duration: 3-4 years

Major Subjects: Cooking and Food Production, Front Office, Housekeeping, Hotel Accounting and Finance, Hotel Marketing, Bakery and Confectionary, Foot Safety and Cuisine, Tourism, Restaurant and Banqueting, and ICT

The Tourism and Hospitality Industry directly contributes US$ 47 billion (2016) each year to India’s GDP. Moreover, this figure is estimated to increase to US$ 160 billion by 2026.

Hotel industry has crucial role to play in tourism and hospitality industry in India. In the last decade Hotel industry of India has been witnessing double digit growth at 15% CAGR.

So, you want to enter India’s booming sector, where you get to experience luxurious lifestyle. Then, BA Hotel Management should be your choice. This course will prepare you to get high paying jobs in Hotel management.

However, you have to choose the right hotel management college. And acquire and enhance communication skills that will boost your hospitality career prospects. There’s a lot of demand for trained professionals but industry facing a huge talent crunch.

16. Bachelor in Event Management

Duration: 3-4 years

Major Subjects: Hospitality, Marketing Management, Catering Management, Business Laws, Events Accounting and Finance, Event Planning and Production, PR and Communication Skills

Do you love organizing parties? So, you should give a serious thought to choose it as a career option.

Even management is a serious job. That requires you to be highly equipped with right skills and resources at the right time. Also, the value you get in terms of monetary value and respect is unmatched.

The BA in Event Management is much more practical, however theory is also an important part of it. You get to learn the ins-outs of the industry. And also you get to learn hospitality in your curriculum.

With this course, we recommend you should also pursue some specialized courses in event management, and software packs.

The salary packages can be quite high in Event Management, but in many cases it can be quite low as well. That’s due to you the company’s profile, your capabilities, and college you study in.

17. Bachelor in Fashion Design

Duration: 3-4 years

Major Subjects: Fashion Industry, Drawing and Pattern Making, Sewing, Color Schemes, Art History, Design Fundamentals, Illustration and Tailoring

India’s fashion industry already has made huge mark on global fashion. Including this, Indian fashion industry is booming due to growing domestic and international demand for Indian fashion.

At top colleges/institutes, BA in Fashion Design quite comprehensive and matches international standards on quality education. The course is highly creative and can be tough one as most of the BA in Fashion Design are 4 years course.

However, high course fee can be detrimental factor. As the fee in some top colleges could easily go into 10 lakhs. Moreover, the job opportunities are limited and even pay packages are not lucrative.

Nevertheless, if you are starting on your own then we recommend to start early. Also, learn Ecommerce, Marketing and Entrepreneurship with this course to start your business after the course.

18. Bachelor of Elementary Education

Duration: 4 years

Major Subjects: English, Hindi, Biology, Physics, Mathematics, Sociology, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology, Business Studies, History and Chemistry

There’s a huge demand not just in private sector but in government as well for trained teachers in elementary education. That’s why B.El.Ed quite in demand course nowadays.

If you want a secure future, and loves to teach young kids then chose this course. The course will prepare you for the basic and elementary education teaching.

There’s nothing much exciting about the course. However, the job prospects you get right after the course needs special mentioning. As you get to work in elementary school at decent pay package, less working hours, free mind, minimum pressure and lots of holidays.

The Government education jobs often all students from this course usually target after graduation. Nevertheless, there are even more enticing opportunities are available in private education sector.

B.El.Ed course curriculum is easier to cover, however, we recommend you to take up special course in child psychology.

19. BA LLB (Bachelor of Law)

Duration: 5 years

Major Subjects: Contract Law, History of Law, Business Law, Constitutional Law, Law of Crimes, Family Law, Corporate Law, International Law, Property Law, Labour Law, and Intellectual Property Rights

Do you know legal profession is one of the most lucrative professions in India? There are lawyers such as Ram Jethmalani and Harish Salve are charging up to 2 crores for a single court appearance.

Corporate India is also bullish in hiring legal professionals, and attracting them with lucrative salary packages. Though, India’s judicial system is still lagging behind but the legal profession is flourishing throughout the country.

BA LLB is an integrated programme, where you complete 3-year BA degree and 2 year LLB. Apart from this combination there are now multiple of other integrated courses in as well such as BSc LLB, BCom LLB, BBA LLB and BA LLB (hons.).

Though you get lot of freelance opportunities after graduation, but getting a job in legal profession is still a challenge. Moreover, you have to wait little longer to earn your first pay check than your peers from other courses.

20. Bachelor of Business Studies

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Accounting, Economics, Business Management, Organization Behavior, Computing, Corporate Management, Quantitative Techniques, Business Environment, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, and Human Resource Development

Delhi University’s Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies offer this course. Let me tell it is one of the most in-demand course in DU, for which merit list usually opens above 95 percent each year. Also, high pay packages for BBS students is a commonplace in DU.

So, if you have secure high percentage in your 12th. And you want to pursue a course that get you high pay package right after graduation. Then this is it.

This course covers almost all subjects of an MBA course. Also, getting an internship with this course is not much difficult. As top companies are always lining up to hire.

However, students are recommended to learn new technologies and trends as well apart from the curriculum. You could take up a short term course in Digital Marketing, Big Data, Accounting Software will help you a lot.

21. BA Honours in French

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: French Grammar, Writing, Literature, Speaking, Listening, Translation, Literature and Culture

French language is one of the world’s most spoken languages. Almost half of Europe and South America speaks French language.

Learning and excelling in French language can be a tough job but highly fruitful. If you love the French language and culture, then you could pursue BA Honours in French.

The Honours course covers almost all aspects of French language, and enables you to become expert at it. However, the course curriculum could pose a challenge for students who’re weak at English.

Job opportunities after this course are few but all are lucrative. As there’s a high demand for translators, speakers, and writers in French. Also, if you are planning for a government job in Embassy then BA French Honours would make you highly suitable.

As this course is limited to a language therefore, we recommend pursuing special course in French writing, French Voice and Accent, and/or French Literature Appreciation.

22. BA Honours in German

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: German Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Literature, Translation and Culture

German language is another most widely spoken language in the world. That’s not limited to Europe, but also quite popular in parts of South America and Africa.

The bustling and robust German economy, and strong international clout makes it more lucrative to learn this language. I hope you already know that all top major luxury car brands in the world belongs to Germany.

German language is a bit tough to learn in comparison to other European languages. Also, the Voice and Accent major roadblock here. Nevertheless, all hardwork pays off after you complete this course with high paying lucrative job offer.

Moreover, there are German government scholarships that again provides you with high value grants. Apart from that studying in Germany is quite cheap and it is also subsidized by the Government for all students there.

But again, we recommend you to pursue special short term courses with this Degree course. Also, you could avail services of Max Mueller Bhavan that has incredible German film library and often have various German events.

23. BA Honours in Italian

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Italian Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Literature, Translation and Culture

In recent years, BA Honours in Italian has been quite in-demand course. Only due to huge demand for Italian speakers in Indian BPO-KPO sector. Also the lucrative job opportunities are only making it more attractive.

Apart from this, learning Italian language could be a blessing in disguise as there are scholarships as well for Indian students to study in Italy. Moreover, many South American countries have Italian language as its first or second language, where you can study.

You can could also take up MA in Italian or get a job right after graduation. Though getting a job won’t be difficult provided you’ve proven skills and knowledge. However, pursuing MA in Italian could be difficult. There are only handful offering MA in Italian in India.

Again we recommend you to pursue another course with BA Honours in Italian such as in writing or literature.

24. BA Honours in Spanish

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Spanish Grammar, Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, Literature, Translation and Culture

Do you know Spanish is the second most spoken language after Chinese? It is ahead of English. Surprising? Yes, up to 400 million speaks Spanish throughout the world. It is the first language in many South American, Central America and African countries.

In the business world, it has limited scope, nevertheless, still worth it. If you’re planning to learn and excel in world’s most spoken language, which is easy to learn then Spanish is the one.

 The BA Honours in Spanish helps you to acquire speaking, reading, writing and listening skills in Spanish language. As for the jobs are concerned after the graduation then again you could search for it in BPO-KPO, Export Houses or Government sectors.

We recommend you to pursue specialized courses aligned to this degree courses. It could be in writing, literature, art, or digital.

25. BA Psychology

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Psychological Process, Behavior, Developmental Psychology, Educational Psychology, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Psychopathology, Adjustment, Guidance and Counselling

Psychology as a subject is the one of the most interesting and scientific subjects. If psychology interests you, then you could make a flourishing and lucrative career out of it.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve studied or not psychology at 12th level. You could always pursue BA Psychology, for which all you need is 12th pass certificate. Recently, BA Psychology course is so much popular that in many DU college the merit list opens at 90 percent for this course.

Nevertheless, you could always find other options as well elsewhere. The job opportunities are not high as it is a niche course. However, you could also start as a freelance after the graduation.

We strongly recommend to pursue a marketing course maybe digital marketing course after your graduation. As there is a huge demand for marketers with aptitude in psychology.

26. BA Sociology

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Social Groups, Processes, Institutions, Societies, Culture, Social Change, Stratification, Social Research, Research Methods, Data Collection, Statistical Analysis, Computing, Indian Society, Social Problems, Social Thoughts, Population and Environment

The study of society and social institutions can be quite complex and interesting at the same time. It is a study that never stagnates but evolves with new inventions, innovation, technology, international trends, political upheaval and many other factors.

BA Sociology allows you to study society at a microscopic level. Though, it may not be a skill oriented course, but can be equip you with right skills to deal with people and society. Moreover, students out of passion pursue this course. That’s why the merit list for BA Sociology often opens above 90 percent in most DU colleges.

The kind of jobs you can get after graduation can be varied from NGO researcher, Writing on Social Issues to village administrator. You can always target for Civil services or government jobs.

You can always pursue another short-term course with this degree. It can be a certificate or diploma course in topics such as NGO, Literature, Public Administration etc.

27. BA History

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Ancient, Medieval, Contemporary History, Political Theory and Polity, Sociology, Public Administration, Economy, Language and Linguistic, and History of various other countries such as US, Europe, China and Japan

Have you scored more than 90 percent in History? And clearly it is your favorite subject that you want to explore more? Then, why not pursue BA History then?

BA History is another most popular choice among not just arts students. There’s lot to learn from human history and there are endless opportunities to delve deeper and deeper into it. Moreover, becoming an archeologist or historian can be an adventurous job.

The syllabus across universities, BA History can be same but there are new topics and subjects added to many of them. Such as using computer for research, new technology, and software packages.

The career progression in History subject is also quite long. Where you can go up to PhD and Post-Doctoral level. And the jobs opportunities can be varied right after graduation for example assistant to expert archeologist, historian, public relations, archivist, curator, and writer.

28. Bachelor of Computer Applications

Duration: 3-4 years

Major Subjects: C, C++, C#, Java, .NET, VB, JQuery and PhP programming, Business Communication, Accounting and Management, DBMS and RDBMS, Software Engineering, e-Commerce and Web Designing

Are you a good problem solver? Who loves coding and happens to pursue Informatics Practice or Computer Science with Arts? If yes, then get yourself admitted to BCA course.

There has been perennial demand for young IT professionals in India. Moreover, outside India as well. Also, the pay packages have been soaring each year with increasing demand and high competition to attract talent.

In this course, you get to learn from programming to management subjects. That enables you to become a trained software engineer. But the quality of education and learning depends on the college/university/institute you choose to pursue BCA.

Recently, we have seen spree of layoffs by India’s IT giants such as Infosys, Cognizant and TCS. That’s due to change in technological landscape and new emerging technologies.

Therefore, we highly recommend to pursue short term skill oriented IT courses such as Cloud Computing, Mobile Application Development, Big Data, Digital Marketing and Security.

29. Bachelor of Library

Duration: 2 to 4 years

Major Subjects: Library and Society, Library management, Library and Information Science, Cataloguing and Classification, ICT, and Library Systems

Do you love books? Are you comfortable at spending hours in library and still enjoy it? Then, career in library vertical could be your call. So, to get started, you could pursue Bachelor in Library degree course.

You will learn how a library is made, handled, managed and organized for maximum efficiency. Apart from that, you will also learn variety of topics and subjects related to it. Also, software apps have important role to play in today’s library. Therefore, software apps are also part of curriculum in most of the library degrees.

However, in India most of the curriculums of library management are old and outdated. Hence, we suggest you to take up crash courses in library management software apps or enterprise resource management.

Jobs opportunities are limited to librarian both in private and government sectors. However, the job stability is maximum and salaries are decent in most cases.

30. Bachelor of Social Work

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Humanities and Social Sciences, Family Education, Communities, Institutions, Social Groups, Abuse and Counseling, and Social Awareness

Working in an NGO or working as a Social Worker is highly satisfying, hardworking and learning experience. Moreover, you get opportunity to connect and collaborate with the last man in social status.

It’s a job that involves lot of exploration, creativity, love and care, and sensitivity to different cultures, religions and traditions. You need to be prepared mentally and physically to get into it and do the justice to your work.

You could start a you career in social work with Bachelor of Social Work. Many universities and colleges in India also offer internship with this degree course. Also, new subjects are also introduced in the curriculum of BSW.

The salaries after the graduation are not much high but also not shameful low. You may easily start in the range of 15k to 20k, and as you progress in your career, you could attract up to 50k a month. But still do not keep you hopes high enough.

31. Bachelor of Philosophy

Duration: 3 years

Major Subjects: Indian Philosophy, Psychology, Socio-political Philosophy, Indian Logic and Epistemology, Metaphysics, Religion, Ethics and Linguistics

Often Bachelor of Philosophy degree is not obvious choice for most of the students. That due to very less job and career opportunities in philosophy.

Nevertheless, it can be a life changing course for you. Even Osho pursued degree course in Philosophy and exceled in it. Moreover, this degree helps you to acquire life skills and analytical abilities that no other course can offer you.

The private and public sector have very limited scope to offer jobs in philosophy. In academics you may get lot of opportunity to further pursue degrees. We recommend you to pursue degree in policy and public administration. Or you could take up short term course in allied subjects.

We assure you that you won’t regret opting for this course. However, low salaries and limited job opportunities could a detrimental factor for many students.

That’s it. We end it here.

If you have questions anything related to courses listed above, then feel free to ask. We would love to answer it.

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