Are you a person, who is poor in studies?

But do have knack and skills in some vocation? Such as cooking, plumbing, driving heavy duty vehicles, bakery etc.

Then you are perfect fit for vocational courses offered by ITI.

ITI – Industrial Training Institutes – are spread across India. That are designed to offer industry relevant training courses. These ITI courses make you employable for a particular vocation or vertical.

There are wide variety of industrial training courses at ITIs. It could be difficult to choose the best of them.

Therefore, to help you in making the best selection. We bring you top 10 ITI courses that gets you high paying job or career right after course completion.

Here it is:

1. Bakery and Confectionery

Duration: 1 year (two semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass from a recognized board in India

Do you love baking? Do you know you could make a lucrative career or business out of it?

Yes, there’s a demand for bakery and confectionery products in every local market. But there’s always limited bakery shops. You could start your own too.

This course will give you complete knowledge of bakery and confectionery process. Moreover, accounting knowledge to help you start your business.

Also there’s huge demand for trained bakery professionals in FMCG and Hospitality industry.

2. Interior Decoration and Designing

Duration: 1 year (two semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass with minimum 40 percent (with Science and Maths)

Nowadays interior designing has become profitable career. There are top professionals who are earning in lacs per month.

You too can earn in lacs.

ITI offers training in Interior Designing and Decoration. That can make you a trained professional.

India’s real estate industry has lot of companies that offers high paying jobs in interior designing. Moreover, you could start your interior designing business.

3. Desk Top Publishing

Duration: 1 year (two semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass from a recognized board

In India there’s boom in media and publishing industry both online and offline. Therefore, there’s a huge demand for desktop publishing professionals.

Nevertheless, there’s a dearth of professionals in market.

Moreover, the salaries are high as well for trained desktop publishing professionals.

Hence, we suggest you to take up ITI Desk Top Publishing course. That’s designed to help you learn latest software technologies in publishing.

You could directly get job after the course, or you could work as freelancer.

4. Digital Photography

Duration: 1 year (two semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass

Do you know a freelance photographer could easily charge up to Rs 10,000/- for a night’s wedding shoot? Moreover, due to digital boom in India there’s a huge demand for photographers among ecommerce and digital companies.

You could grab these opportunities, provided you get trained.

ITI institutes offer Digital Photography course that trains you to use DSLR and SLR cameras. Moreover, trains you in photography editing software, video production and shooting techniques.

After the course, you could seek job in media companies or work as a freelancer.

5. Office Assistant cum Computer Operator

Duration: 1 year (two semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass

Do you know a trained fresher in computer operation and office management can earn up to 20k per month? Moreover, as you gain experience and knowledge salary increases simultaneously.

There are lot jobs available in large sized corporations to small sized micro industries. In addition, there are lucrative government jobs of office assistant available.

With an ITI course in Office Assistant cum Computer Operator you can apply for these jobs. And live a stable life ahead.

6. Information Technology & Electronic System Maintenance

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Eligibility: 10th Pass with Mathematics and Science

ITI Information Technology and Electronic System Maintenance designed to train students to monitor, manage and handle IT and electronic systems.

India’s manufacturing and IT industries are ever expanding that requires trained professionals to manage machinery operation daily. Therefore, there’s a lot of demand for ITI trained IT and Electronic system maintenance professionals.

For such trained professionals, salaries are high. Also, there are demand for such professionals even outside India such as Australia, Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia etc.

7. Secretarial Practice

Duration: One year (two semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass

A course in Secretarial Practice from ITI institute is ideal for anyone looking job in office administration. In government and private sector are numerous job opportunities for secretary positions. ITI certified professionals are directly eligible for these job positions.

In this course you learn all about office administration, shorthand, typing, business communication and MS office apps.

The salaries can be low and high depending upon the skills you have and the company you apply.

8. Auto Electrician

Duration: 1 year (2 sems)

Eligibility: 10th pass with Maths and Science as subjects

Auto Electrician job is a blue collar job that can be at time high paying. India is a hub of auto manufacturing in the world. That’s why there are abundant jobs available in auto manufacturing industry in India.

Especially for specialized jobs such as Auto Electrician. An Auto Electrician install, setup, repair, service and improve electrical works an auto vehicle.

You could directly get employed after this ITI course into a MNC such as Maruti, Hyundai, Bajaj. Or you could apply outside India for a job.

9. Draughtsman Civil

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass

Are you interested in architecture and construction? Do you dream of designing and constructing beautiful buildings?

Then you should be opting for Draughtsman Civil ITI course. That’s designed to get you practical and industry relevant skills in architecture and construction.

There are lot of jobs outside India for Civil Draughtsman. Especially in Australia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Dubai, Yemen, Singapore, and many other countries.

Also, salaries are high for a trained and skilled professional.

10. Tool and Die Maker

Duration: 3 years (six semesters)

Eligibility: 12th pass

The longest and toughest of all ITI courses listed in this article is Tool and Die Maker ITI course. Likewise, the career and job opportunities, and salaries are also high for trained professionals in it.

This course trains you in drawing, designing and developing Tool and Die. You get to learn CAD (computer-aided designing) apps and latest techniques in Tool and Die making.

Not just in India there are endless job opportunities abroad. The salaries can go up to lacs per month in many cases.

11. Draughtsman Mechanical

Duration: 2 years (4 semesters)

Eligibility: 10th pass with Maths and Science subjects

If you are interested in machinery designing, planning and deployment. Then Draughtsman Mechanical ITI course is an ideal choice for you.

You will learn mechanical portion of production, manufacturing, fabrication, building and construction in this course. Moreover, advance designing apps such as AutoCAD and MS Office.

The job opportunities again are innumerable in this vertical. There are top companies in India such as Bajaj, Tata, Reliance to Government sectors offer this job. Also, you have option for applying job outside India right after the course.

Now you, if you have more course to add to this list then use comment box below.

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