CBSE Practicals and Internals for 10th and 12th from 2nd March

CBSE Practicals, Projects and Internals Dates

CBSE announced dates for practicals, projects and internals in the latest notification that also include guidelines for schools. 

Detailed guidelines for conducting method and assessment instructions have been provided in the notifications for schools. 

Moreover, details related to uploading, marks, covid protocols, and other relevant information is also available in the notification. 

Refer to this PDF document to read full notification by CBSE for 10th and 12th practicals, projects and internal assessment. 

According to the notification, the start date for practical exams, project submissions and internal assessment is 2nd March 2022. 

And the last date will be 10 days before the date of the last examination of respective classes. 

In the appendix of notification, per day rates for remuneration are also provided for all staff members present during the conduct of practicals, projects and internals. 

Moreover, the appendix includes details about how to upload marks for practical exams and project assessment marks on CBSE official website. 

Furthermore, subject-wise distribution of marks and external examiner status is provided under the Appendix IV. 

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