Top 15 Professional Courses After Graduation for Marketing Students


A young college graduate finds it difficult to settle down and get a stable high paying job. Therefore, top professional courses after graduation are a lot in demand.

That’s solely due to the fact that if you want a lucrative career and job get skilled as simple as that.

Undoubtedly, India’s college education system is still ridden with the bookish knowledge that has very less value in today’s market.

On the other hand, the demand for skilled and trained professionals are ever increasing. But due to lack of talent in India, those jobs go unfilled.

Right here we can see a clear gap between the academia and industry.

Already we are presented with some shocking reports such as there are more skill based jobs available. But there’s a huge dearth of trained and skilled professional.

This leads to unemployment despite having a good number of jobs on offer in the industry.

Particularly, if you look at BBA and MBA in Marketing Students. They largely end up with low paying executive and field jobs after course completion.

Sometimes the situation gets worse over a period of time when they find it highly difficult to repay education loans. Leading to an imbalance in their professional and personal lives.

That eventually force them to work extra hours around the year.

Also, the career profession for marketing students in these jobs is too sluggish and unrewarding for years.

Therefore, to help find the marketing students the right path, we have listed top professional courses after graduation to choose from.

The skills you acquire through these courses are high demand but above remuneration is high too.

1. Digital Media and Digital Marketing Course

The digital media is so much popular that now we see not just big MNCs and Unicorns investing millions of dollars but also small businesses and startups investing aggressively.

That’s because the return on investment on digital media and marketing is unmatched. Moreover, it is easy to build a brand, expand and increase sales unprecedentedly on the Internet.

But the irony is that Digital Marketing is still too limited to theories in textbooks of most of the BBA and MBA courses in India.

There’s no skill oriented training afforded to market students during their course. Above all, the curriculum is limited to occasional seminars only that offer limited exposure.

In India, there’s a huge demand for trained digital marketers but the talent pool is too small.

You could get quickly hired after the course. In addition, entry-level jobs offer high salary packages. Moreover, career progression is relatively fast and remunerative.

2. Website Development Course

Often marketers are afforded with a responsibility to quickly generate sales and lead using the website and landing pages.

At that point, you might be required to have a wholesome idea about how a website is developed. Moreover, the website development course will add a heavyweight to your marketing resume.

It is one of the most in-demand skills that most companies willing to fill marketing positions are looking for in their prospective employee. Also, a course in website development helps you increase your employability and salary substantially.

Furthermore, you will be better off in comparison to your college peers who would be struggling to get a decent job. Instead, you will be getting lots of job opportunities.

The upside is you could earn a decent living working as a freelance web developer. Or maybe start your own business with just a website.

For beginners, who don’t want to learn coding could learn WordPress website without having to write a single line of code.

3. Copywriting Course

A marketing student required to have writing skills to not only write ads but also write online content for various marketing campaigns.

Often the entry level marketing jobs demand copywriting skills from applicants. But in most cases, many are not able to even meet the most basic writing skills.

Particularly, marketing students need to have good writing skills in the English language. However, due to less focus on writing skills and more focus on rote learning leads to poor writing skills in marketing students.

Therefore, pursuing a course in copywriting will help to quickly acquire writing skills. Also, if you are planning to make a career in PR, digital marketing, or advertising, copywriting skills will help you go a long way.

Not just entry jobs but managerial jobs in marketing will require you to have excellent writing skills. That often comes with high salary packages.

4. Graphic Designer

Today’s marketer’s deals with a lot of visual and graphical content. Moreover, marketers need to create graphic themselves many times. Therefore, graphic designing skills come in handy here.

A course in graphic designing that will help you learn graphic designing software such as Photoshop, Coreldraw, Illustrator, and InDesign, would best for you.

There are jobs in marketing available such as account manager, ad copy designer, PR, digital marketing, creative assistant, social media manager, etc. requires you to have graphic designing skills.

Often these jobs offer you high salary packages and authority positions in marketing and advertising firms.

There are a lot of graphic designing tutorials available on most graphics designing software. All you need to search extensively and practice it regularly.

5. Project Management

Project Management is crucial for any marketing campaign, moreover, it is most sought after professional skills.

Almost on all top surveys for most sought-after skills in demand, Project Management has managed to get top ranks throughout.

However, it is also one of the most unexplored skills of marketing students. On the other hand, learning project management will increase your employability and remuneration quite high.

You could take any course in Project Management from a wide variety of online platforms. Apart from this, the Project Management Institute also offers certified course in Project Management.

Also, you could read books on Project Management learn and practice it. There are project management tools and software that can also add substantial value to your resume.

6. Branding and Brand Management

During your BBA or MBA, you will most probably read and learn about Branding and Brand Management. However, textbooks on this topic are limited to theories and bookish knowledge.

What you need is actual experience and learning environment to learn Branding and Brand Management. You could pursue a course in it, that will help you learn all the ins and outs of it.

Including you could get an opportunity to do a live project in it during your course in Branding. The live project is a substantial value addition to your resume that will help you increase your employability.

There are many emerging branding trends that you could learn during your course in it. Such as personalization, interactive technology, building communities on social media, content marketing, and delivering online customer experience.

The entry-level jobs in branding do not offer high salaries for young graduates. But with a course in branding and acquire skills you could be hired by reputed advertising agencies in India.

7. Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the emerging and most effective marketing tactic that allows marketers to build a brand, boost lead generation and sales. Therefore, due to this, there’s a huge demand for content marketers not just in India but around the globe.

There are many popular courses in content marketing that you can pursue online. There are many free courses available in content marketing. You could start with these free courses.

The HubSpot Free Content Marketing course is popular for its comprehensiveness and updated content. Moreover, the digital marketing industry recognizes HubSpot certification.

Content marketing is the most crucial and strategic part of the marketing strategy today. Despite that, it is still not part of BBA and MBA curriculum.

That’s why you need to pursue this one of the top professional courses after graduation – content marketing.

8. Filmmaking

There’s an ever-growing demand for marketers in film and video making industry. That’s due to a boom in online video consumption.

Therefore, advertising and marketing agencies eagerly searching for young marketers with knowledge and skills in filmmaking. That’s primarily due to the requirement of marketers that effectively work with content teams.

There are many short-term certificate and diploma courses in Filmmaking that anyone can take up with their BBA or MBA. Also due to the fact that there’s no such opportunity to learn filmmaking at BBA or MBA level.

Many top universities in India including private institutes are all around India that offers courses in Filmmaking. Moreover, it is the course you would love to pursue, as you get to learn about photography, videography, video editing and online video promotion.

9. Customer Service Training

India is still one of the leading countries in customer service outsourcing industry in the world. Moreover, India’s BPO particularly in customer service segment provides jobs to millions in India.

Anyone seeking to build a career or start a business in customer service should take up a professional course in customer service. The customer service is not just limited to providing on-call assistance but also face-to-face client handling, client liaison, and customer relationship management.

During the course could get an opportunity to learn CRM software and applications that may help you in your career in the long run. There’s a huge demand for trained professionals, who could help companies to delight their customers through quality services.

However, you could learn a lot about Customer Service during your BBA and MBA but that’s knowledge may be too limited and bookish.

You could also use books on Customer Service, there are a lot of interesting books on it. Or you could read CRM for Dummies by Lars Helgeson that may get you started on CRM.

10. Franchise Management

The Franchise Management is a niche topic in BBA and MBA that’s rarely marketing students get to read about. However, for the past decade, it is one of the leading and emerging markets that has MNCs involved such as McDonald, Burger King, Starbucks etc.

In India, we can see all around us that our markets are filled with Brand’s Franchises. That’s why franchise management professionals in India are in huge demand.

Also, the industry salary average is also high in comparison to other entry-level jobs. Generally, you could head start with a job in field manager or customer relationship management in the Franchise industry.

Moreover, the marketing students from BBA or MBA background are often preferred for the jobs in the franchise industry. However, with a course in Franchise Management, you get added advantage.

We recommend you to read Franchise Management For Dummies by Michael H. Seid and Joyce Mazero. The book will help you to understand the industry and scope in it, and also select the best course in Franchise Management.

11. Retail Management

With the economic boom and growth spreading to rural areas, India’s retail sector is expanding at an unprecedented rate. That’s further increasing job opportunities in the retail sector.

But again due to less trained professionals in the market, companies are clashing to hire from the talent pool. Therefore, salaries offered to trained professionals are in the range of 50K to 60K per month.

Moreover, opportunity progress in the retail company is also quite impressive. However, that’s possible only if you deliver at the job.

So, to deliver at the job you need skills and knowledge that you could learn through retail management course. There are abundant retail management specialized courses both online and offline that you could choose.

You will get during your professional retail course from communication skills development to retail software training. There are few interesting books on retail management that could get you exposure to the sector.

12. Marketing Research and Business Analytics

Have you heard terms such as Big Data, Data Science, Business Analytics etc.? These are the emerging concepts in marketing research and analytics that offer unmatched exposure, scope, and opportunities.

There’s an acute dearth of trained professionals in Marketing Research and Business Analytics not just in India but around the globe. Moreover, the salaries offered in this vertical are sky high.

However, to get into this field, you need knowledge in coding and digital. Though at a very foundational level you get to learn about marketing research and business analytics at MBA or BBA level in marketing.

But that will too less to even reckon with you will need to pursue a course in marketing research and business in order to learn it. But again you could start with some books that may help you to learn it. We recommend you to read Business Analytics: Applications To Consumer Marketing by Sandhya and Hindol.

13. Communication Skills Development

The communication skills include – speaking, listening, and writing skills – that helps you to perform at the job. This is the most basic requirement that almost all top companies want in their prospective employee.

You could land exciting job opportunities right after your graduation with just excellent communication skills. Not just entry-level jobs but also managerial to authority jobs you will need communication skills to excel and thrive.

It is the communication skills through which you could outdo your competitors even if they’re better than you. Most often marketing students during their MBA or BBA get to learn Business Communication but that’s not enough.

You could pursue a proper course in communication skills development helping you to improve speaking, listening, writing and presentation skills. Nonetheless, you could also read books on communication skills that are quite helpful.

14. Google Adwords and Analytics

Google Adwords and Google Analytics are the most popular online services that online advertising experts use. As India’s internet population is teeming the digital space, therefore advertising agencies are moving their promotion campaigns online.

That’s leading to an increase in demand for trained professionals in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. But still, the talent pool in India is so much small that leading to high salaries and outstanding remuneration.

Nevertheless, very few marketing students in India are even aware of Google Adwords and Google Analytics. In addition, even India’s top B-schools are not even interested to train their students in it.

Despite those students interested in learning Google Adwords and Analytics could pursue courses in these free. There’s a Google Academy, where you could get certified in these courses and more for free of cost.

15. Facebook Advertising Course

Facebook is the world largest social media platform with more than 2 billion users on it. There are more than 250 million Indian users on it. You could see how much big this platform is for marketing?

Therefore, from small to big businesses are all marketing on Facebook and spending million dollars on the marketing budget. Facebook’s advertising service, which is called Facebook Ads, it is quite high in demand in the industry today.

Therefore, marketing students are often recommended to get trained in Facebook Ads. You could join Facebook’s Free Online Advertising Course that will help you learn all the ins and outs of it.

There lot of guidebooks and textbooks on Facebook marketing that can help you to learn it. The most notable of them all is Facebook Marketing All–in–One For Dummies by Amy Porterfield and others.

So, these were the top professional courses after graduation for marketing students. If you have any suggestions to add then use the comment box below.

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