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IGNOU MCom course information covered in this article. From syllabus, study materials, assignments to exam schedule and more.

The MCOM course at IGNOU attracts applications from across India. As eligibility criteria are easy to meet, therefore applicants from different backgrounds apply for it.

In addition, the IGNOU MCom curriculum is similar to the MBA course. Therefore, often applicants apply to IGNOU MCom to save costs.

Above all, the career opportunities after IGNOU MCom are a wide variety. Moreover, the demand for MCom students for private jobs is ever increasing.

Also, you could start your career in teaching after MCom if you opt for NET Commerce that allows you to become eligible for Assistant Professor jobs.

So, if you are a student of IGNOU MCom or planning to take up the course, then you should go through this article. We have covered all the details regarding the IGNOU MCom course that will help you a lot.

At any point, you feel to ask questions then use the comment box below. We would love to answer your queries.


Introduction to IGNOU MCom Course

Important information about IGNOU MCom course:

Minimum duration 2 years
Maximum duration 5 years
Total fee Rs. 11,000/-
Eligibility criteria Any graduate from a recognized university
Medium Hind or English
School School of Management Studies


IGNOU MCom Syllabus

IGNOU MCom consists of specialization and core courses that make up to 12 modules in total. In the first year there all six specialization courses, while in the second year all modules are core courses. Each module has 6 credits that make up to a total of 72 credits.

IGNOU MCom first year syllabus:

Module Code Module Name
IBO 01 Business Environment
IBO 02 Marketing Management
IBO 03 Foreign Trade – India
IBO 04 Export and Import
IBO 05 Marketing Logistics
IBO 06 Business Finance

IGNOU M.Com Help Books 1st Year:

IGNOU MCom second year syllabus:

Module Code Module Name
MCO 01 Organization Theory & Behavior
MCO 03 Research Methods
MCO 04 Business Environment
MCO 05 Accounting
MCO 06 Marketing Management
MCO 07 Financial Management

IGNOU M.Com Help Books Final Year:

Download PDFs of IGNOU MCom Study Material

IBO 01: International Business Environment

01 BE Concepts and Dimensions
02 Globalization
03 World Trade
04 Legal Environment
05 Contemporary Development and Issues

IBO 02: International Marketing Management

01 Introduction to Marketing
02 Selection and Entry
03 Product and Pricing
04 Distribution and Promotion
05 International Marketing Operations
06 Marketing Research

IBO 03: India’s Foreign Trade

01 Foreign Trade
02 Institutional Policies
03 Trade Prospects of Product I
04 Trade Prospects of Product II
05 Trade Prospects of Select Markets

IBO 04: Export and Import Procedures and Documentation

01 Export-Import Documentation
02 Payment and Financing Practices
03 Export-Import Trade Operations
04 Export Assistance and Support

IBO 05: International Marketing Logistics

01 International Logistics System
02 Transport System
03 Freight Practices
04 Port Systems and Institutions

IBO 06: International Business Finance

01 Financial System
02 Foreign Exchange
03 Foreign Operations Investment
04 Financing International Operations

MCO 01: Organization Theory and Behavior

01 Organization Theory
02 Organization Behavior I
03 Organization Behavior II
04 Group Behavior
04 Organization Culture and Development

MCO 03: Research Methods and Statistical Analysis

01 Research and Data Collection
02 Processing and Storing of Data
03 Relation and Trend Analysis
04 Probability and Hypothesis Testing
05 Interpretation and Reporting

MCO 04: Business Environment

01 Socio-Political Environment
02 Legal Environment
03 Regulations of Financial Markets
04 Economic Environment
05 International & Technological Environment

MCO 05: Accounting for Managerial Decisions

01 Accounting Fundamentals
02 Financial Statement Analysis
03 Budgeting and Budgetary Control
04 Standard Costing
05 Cost Volume Profit Analysis

MCO 06: Marketing Management

01 Marketing Nature and Scope
02 Product Decisions
03 Product Decisions II
04 Pricing Decisions
05 Distribution Decisions
06 Promotion Decisions

MCO 07: Financial Management

01 Finance Foundations
02 Investment Decisions
03 Long Term Financing
04 Financing and Dividend Decisions
05 Working Capital Management


IGNOU MCom Previous Year Question Papers

We have listed IGNOU MCom previous year question papers that will be a great help for your exam preparation. You can download PDF of all question papers from 2018 to 2010.

2019 December IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2019 June IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2018 December IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2018 June IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2017 December IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2017 June IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2016 December IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2016 June IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2015 December IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2015 June IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2014 December IGNOU MCom previous year question papers

2014 June IGNOU previous year question papers

2013 December IGNOU previous year question papers

2013 June IGNOU previous year question papers

2012 December IGNOU previous year question papers

2012 June IGNOU previous year question papers

2011 December IGNOU previous year question papers

2011 June IGNOU previous year question papers

2010 December IGNOU previous year question papers

2010 June IGNOU previous year question papers


IGNOU MCom Assignments

It is important for all IGNOU MCom students to submit assignments within the deadline for the current session in order to appear for the session exam. If a student fails to submit it within the deadline then he/she cannot sit for the exam in the current session.

Therefore, it is important that if you are planning to appear for the current session exams then you will need to submit your assignments in time.

Download PDF of IGNOU MCom assignments from the official site.

Following are the tips for writing IGNOU MCom Assignments: 

  1. Plan and research: it is important that you plan beforehand the pointers to include and structure to use. Then accordingly research extensively on the given topics. 
  2. Start writing: after researching extensively, now it is time to start writing the assignment as per the structure you planned to use. 
  3. Include examples: using examples in the content increases the quality and credibility of the assignment thereby increase your chances of getting a higher score. 
  4. Proofread: finally, proofread all your assignments. 

Many times students use a proxy or buy readymade assignments from the market. If you are serious about your Masters in Commerce and study then instead work hard to write your assignment. In the long term, these assignments will help you a lot in final exams, and career. 


IGNOU MCom Exam Schedule

In a year there are two sessions (June and December sessions) during which the exams are scheduled. The IGNOU MCom students have the freedom to appear in June or December exams as per their liking.

However, it is important to register and pay the fee for each exam for which students intend to appear.


Student Login ID IGNOU MCom

On the IGNOU website as a student, you can see your application, exam, assignment submission and a lot more.

For application, visit the following link:


In order to check the status of your IGNOU MCom assignment submission, visit the following link:


For registration and admission details visit the following link of IGNOU website:



Contact Details for IGNOU MCom

Office address: IGNOU Campus Road, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi

Phone: 011 29535438

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IGNOU M.Com Help Books 1st Year:

IGNOU M.Com Help Books Final Year:


  1. The course of study doesn’t include a tax paper unlike regular University courses. Would that be a problem later ? In applying for jobs and exams?

  2. Can we complete mcom 2 year program in one year by giving exam in June and December both? Or mcom in business policy and corporate governance is valid for net exams as I’m company secretary

    • No, you cannot complete the IGNOU 2 year master program in a year’s time, as far as we know. And yes, any Masters with a minimum of 55 percent marks are eligible to appear for the NET exam.

  3. Sir mai m.com 1st yr ki student hu Mera by mistake medium English ho gya hai..sir kya mai exam or assignment hindi medium me de sakti hu..or sir agar Maine hindi me exam or assignment submit kiye to isse mere exam me koi problem to nhi hogi ..

    • As far as I know, yes you can write your exams in Hindi, but it is better to contact IGNOU study center or regional office.

    • You will need to submit assignments for each module before you could appear for exam, there are no project as such.

  4. I have applied for mcom july 2019.I have not registered for june exams and have not submitted the assignments for june,as I am a ca student and was preparing for my exams..Can I apply for my 1st yr exam in december.
    I need to also know about the 5 yr duration….what does it mean??

    • Amritha, it is compulsory to submit assignments before you apply for the exam. Therefore, you will have to submit assignments, before you can apply for December 2020 session exams. And you’ve 5 years duration to complete your M.Com. That means, you can appear for the exams and clear them as per your convenience within 5 years time.

  5. What is the exam pattern in M.Com by IGNOU?
    Is there full MCQ based exam or theoritically wrtting answer papers?
    What is the duration of exam papers and total marks of each paper?
    I am B.Com. Will I get admission in this July,2020? If yes, then when will can I appear for exam?

    • M.Com IGNOU exam pattern is subjective, simple pen and paper. No, there are no MCQs, the exam pattern is subjective. For each module paper, the total time duration for IGNOU M.Com exam is 3 hours and total marks are 100 that carries 70 percent weight-age rest 30 percent is for assignment. Yes, you’re eligible, as eligibility is only under-graduation with no minimum marks. If you would take admission for this December 2020 session, then you can appear for the exam next year in June 2021 session.

  6. I have registered for mcom in ignou in Jan, 2020. I have not received the books till now. Please tell me
    1. How to get tue books
    2. How will i know about the assignments that are given
    3. when will my exam be conducted?

    • 1. You may contact your regional center for your study material. Or you could the download the study material PDFs.
      2. For assignments visit here: https://webservices.ignou.ac.in/assignments/
      3. As soon as IGNOU comes out with exam notification, we will update it. Click on the ‘Notification’ on the right hand side to get the timely notification from us.

    • Hey nikita…i also apply for m.com in jan 2020..do u get any information regarding submission of assignment and other relevant info. About exam..plz share with me too..

  7. Does the second year of M Com from IGNOU consists only theory or some accounting subjects are also there as theory can be understood at home but accounts learning requires somebody’s continuous guidance.

  8. sir i took addmission in mcom course of ignou but due to lockdown i am not able to write assignments as i cummute to my village so date is gone now.now how i submit my assignments.

  9. Can we write 3 subject in the month jan and after that can we write the remaining 3 subject in the month of July?? Is it possible and then if we write for 3 subject means should we submit the 6 subject of assignment or only 3 subject. Mine programme is M. Com

    • Yes, you can do that. And you will have to submit only the assignments for the session in which you want to appear for the corresponding exams. That means, 3 assignments for those 3 subjects only, for more info contact your regional center.


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